Steve Cutts

The reason I choose Steve Cutts is because he did famous art about social media and how social media can change people by the way they act and behave and live their every day lives.


He also shows how people that don’t have or don’t want to be apart of social midea can be forgotten,shund or left behind so he’s not only showing the life of those addicted but also those on the other side.


In some of his art work he shows you how addicted people can get when it comes to social media, some alot more than others, you have the person that checks there social media now and then and then the people that would rather facebook than sleep.


So this is the reason I choose Steve Cutts because his work really captures what social media can do to people whether it be being left out, being drained till your a zombie or having to feed your addiction constantly, everything that can happen to you.

If you want to know more about Steve Cutts, feel free to click on the first picture to go to his WordPress page and check out his other work.

gamerkeith Out!

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