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Paolo Ceric aka “PATAKK”

Paolo Ceric is a 25 year old student from Zagreb, Croatia. Beside math and science in general he has always shown interest in visual art’s. He especially felt comfortable producing generative art due to his background in math and programming … Continue reading

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Craig Ward

Craig Ward is a British born and a creative director and designer currently based in New York. He is an occasional artist and sometimes and author who contributes to many journals but he is mainly known for his pioneering typography … Continue reading

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How to Storyboard

Hey what’s up guys! When I was researching storyboards, I found some really good information if you guys want to know how to do your own storyboard – just hit play to watch the video.

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Steve Cutts

The reason I choose Steve Cutts is because he did famous art about social media and how social media can change people by the way they act and behave and live their every day lives. He also shows how people that don’t have … Continue reading

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Sup guys it’s your man Keith here! So I thought I would post about Chromacon which will be in Auckland, New Zealand 8th-9th April this year. This is where illustrators, Animations, game designers, comics and much more will all be show … Continue reading

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Worst Website While I was surfing the web I found what I believe not to be the worst website ever but still bad, and that would be the Game Informer website. The reason being that with the Game Informer magazine it … Continue reading

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Image Formats

Jpeg I think works with multi-coloured changes in a image. GIF works with multi-coloured changes because it can be more detailed except for the Web 216 dot looking texture, that is better for a block-colour changes. Png works with block-coloured and multi-coloured … Continue reading

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